Fraud Investigation Services

  Enigma has over 25 years’ experience in this specialised business and therefore offers a wealth of knowledge and advice. All our consultants have a law enforcement or military background with proven track records of excellence, and each is strategically positioned within the company according to their individual skills.

Undercover operatives

Our undercover services encompass an extensive range of issues, from theft of company property, bullying, harassment, racial/sexual discrimination and drug issues to monitoring staff performance. The undercover operative offers eyes and ears on the work floor, feeding back valuable impartial information which might otherwise be overlooked or deliberately ignored. At Enigma we assist our clients to evaluate any particular problem to ensure the investigation is dealt with in the most appropriate manner and within an effective timescale.    


Enigma specialises in the deployment of surveillance operatives and teams. Our operatives are highly experienced and their observations often provide critical information to resolve complex issues such as:
  • Litigation/dispute resolution
  • Workplace long-term sickness
  • Injury/insurance claims
  • Suspected employee theft
  • Post-employment background check
  • Eyewitness evidence is always supported by comprehensive written surveillance
  • records, and wherever possible we seek to provide video evidence.

Interviewing staff and witnesses

The skilful interviewing of witnesses and suspects is a crucial part of any investigation and can determine the success of an enquiry. Enigma offers a number of highly experienced ex-police interviewers, and our reliability, diligence and proven track record has helped us establish an ongoing relationship with many of our clients. We work closely with clients’ HR staff, ensuring that internal company policy is adhered to. All interviews and statements are contemporaneously recorded and conducted in accordance with latest good practice. All our documentation is produced to a high standard and is admissible in any civil or criminal proceedings as required.